Cylindrical vases in borosilicate transparent glass. Thanks to a complex and refined blowing manufacturing, a concavity, presenting continuity of solution with the outside, is created in the inside of the cylinder. Available in two different heights.


Collection of vases in borosilicate glass with cylindrical and conical shapes, deformed in a casual and irregular manner so that each piece is a one-off and cannot be reproduced. This hand-made production makes each vase unique and special.

4 Wheel Slider Horse

Adada's horse ride-on invites young riders to explore the world with style and confidence. Ideal for babies, starting from 12 months old, learning to master their balance and coordinate their movements, this ride-on allows children to advance by pushing with their legs, offering precious and playful support in walking.

Wooden Doll Pram

Explore the world on two feet with our Adada wooden walker, the ideal companion for babies ready to take their first steps, starting from 12 months old. This walker, designed to support children in their walking learning, offers a stable and safe base allowing toddlers to move confidently.