Lapsus Side Table

The design that surprises is that which combines inspiration and art with great functionality. As in this case, where refined and unusual lines are combined with a practical and pleasant use, enriching a convivial room or the corner of a study. An enchantment for those who observe and wonder how a coffee table can resemble the most magical of timepieces.

Ursuline Desk

The femininity of this graceful apartment desk comes from its cross-shaped base and the soft curves of the desktop. Ursuline offers storage niches of various sizes. The top is available in walnut veneer or white lacquer and paired with a satin chocolat or white lacquered steel base respectively. Matching niches.

Polygon Vase

Vase in gloss white enamelled moulded earthenware, bearing the designer's signature. In the case of the black & white version, all the edges are painted black.


A rufflette is a thick strip of tape which is sewn to the top of curtains so they can be gathered, to which curtain hooks can be attached. With this suspended light by Marie-Christine Dorner, a tall rufflette is wrapped around the outer edges of the widest part of the shade and it is this which, by pleating the cotton chintz, enables regular pleats to be formed on its two slopes. A classic technique for a contemporary and very charming design. Shade in 100% cotton fabric, mounted on a rufflette like a curtain. May be taken apart for cleaning.